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About the UX Globals Podcast

With this show we want to create a UX Podcast that gives every UX Designer, UX Consultant, Entrepreneur and Startup Founder a chance to get new input every day. A UXD Podcast sounds not sensible at the moment as design is most of the time related to visual design only but user experience is so much more. In the end it comes down to creating solutions that makes the user be rather with the solution than without it. 

UX Globals

The mission of UX Globals is to make User Experience Design the number one reason why a company or solution becomes successful or not. Therefore we want to educate as many people on this topic and will give easy introductions to make the topic as accessible as possible. In the end the podcast about User Experience Design is not the only solution we use to give everyone a chance to get to know the topic, but we also provide a UX Education platform which provides all information a UX designer might need.

Creative Minds

To us it matters the most that we come up with creative solutions that make life easier for users, clients, designers, entrepreneurs, startup founders and everyone else involved in the creative process. Therefore we would love to have guest hosts on this podcast about UX as often as possible to provide a big variety of content. Simply get in touch with us and we will find a solution how we can work together. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Your UX Globals Team :)