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UXD Chris

Hej, you are looking for a hypermotivated user experience designer? May I introduce myself. My name is Christopher Wittmann. I’m a former UXD-student who decided to make UX the number one reason worldwide why a company succeeds or not. Therefore I founded my company UX Globals that creates user centered solutions itsself but also provides everything other UX Designers will need for their work. Hej då, Chris


Overall I am working in the UX industry since 2011. This year I developed my first application and ever since then I never stoped working in the UX field. 

In more over 2 years in the automotive industry I learned how different the environments can be. It is completely different if users are driving or using their smartphone in the office or bus. 

Check out some of my work in the gallery below. Find out more on my personal portfolio.