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UX design and fear

It is natural that people fear different situations. New technologies with a high user experience can reduce that fear!


Starting a new project or introducing a new system in a company is always a big issue for everyone who has to make the decision. The problem is that most people have had terrible experiences with new solutions in the past and therefore fear the introduction of new systems in their business. I'm your host, Chris, and this is the UX Globals Podcast! 



Our responsibility, as UX designers, is so high because we can drastically influence our users' behavior for the future. The moment they have an incredible experience with our solution, they will be looking forward to other new solutions. If, however, a solution has a terrible UX as no proper UX designer was involved while creating it or the UX workflow was neglected entirely, this system will make its users fear other new, unknown solutions. 

Let me give you an example that I have experienced myself within the last week. A client of mine lent me his drone. The setup was really easy. Open the bag, grab all the things inside, watch one video on YouTube, how to handle it so I will not break it, start it and fly with it. That's it. I had no issues with it at all. So the chances of purchasing one myself are almost 100% due to a high user experience. And this effect does not stop there. It also makes me want to have other innovative things like an electric skateboard, scooter, or anything else, too, as I have had positive experiences with new solutions and know that I generally do not have to fear them. 

It can also go the complete other way. Like one month ago, I finally got my new social media account on one of the most common platforms. The issue I had with it was that it took me more than three months to get my account. The company always detected suspicious behavior on my account and blocked it, therefore, even though all I did was sign up my net account, I have not yet sent a single friend request. I had no chance of creating a functioning account. It made me feel upset because I wanted to use it to improve my business, but I had no chance of getting my account on that platform. After trying it for like ten times I had decided to contact the support. This experience has made me so angry with that company that I actually have no interest in using my account anymore. The problem is that they are the market leader and own basically all social media and the most common messenger so that I can't not use them. 

What can you, as a UX designer, learn from today's episode? Well, we need to take our responsibility very seriously. We need to understand that our solutions impact a person's behavior, not only on the user experience of the system we create. 

What can an entrepreneur learn from today's episode? Every new or innovative solution needs at least one UX designer on board because the first experience your customers have will decide if they stay in touch with your brand or not. 

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