UX design and education?

The user experience has a significant impact on the learning behavior of a person!

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These days, especially during Corona user experience, plays a significant role in the success of self-education and home-schooling. Therefore I will address the part of a great user experience for the success of an educational service. I'm your host, Chris, and this is the UX Globals Podcast!



During Corona times we had to learn that digital solutions can be essential from time to time. Especially the introduction of home-schooling brought some significant changes with itself! Suddenly teachers and students had to educate and learn in an entirely new way! It was not that easy anymore to simply raise one's hand if someone had a question or to watch the pupils faces to see whether everything is clear or if everyone's facial expression says, "I did not get that." As the shutdown came shortly and there was no preparation time besides the last years where everything could have been introduced already, it was more or less complete chaos from what I have heard.

Especially elderly teachers were not able to handle the tools that were provided, and the students, therefore, had no proper experience with the education given. How could this have been solved? Well, we could have introduced software or product based solutions many years ago already. One of the issues I have seen in the past is that pupils that had to go to hospital for some days or weeks or that were simply ill and did not go to school for some days had no chance of participating in the classes. But why? Every lesson could have been streamed and made accessible to the pupils, so they can rewatch them over and over again.

This solution could have been introduced years ago and then the usability and user experience could have been evaluated already. The user experience a software has will make it either a success of a miss success, especially in the education industry. Most people will get their knowledge from online streaming platforms, blogs, or wikis. But is this really a proper user experience, or is it just some content that gets shown on these platforms, and we have to teach it to us ourselves? In my opinion, online education needs an entirely new approach, and therefore I have founded the UX Education platform that will go online by the end of this year!

The knowledge we get from different platforms online needs to be so easy to perceive that we actually have fun learning something new. Education should never feel like it is compulsory, but it should always be fun and enjoyable, precisely what a great user experience is! We must make it interactive! It is proven that we keep knowledge better if we teach it ourselves and are not taught it by someone standing in front of us talking about it.

Of course, our teachers do an incredible job, and they are more than important, but we need to begin to introduce digitalization into the learning process. This keeps us motivated to continue with the learning process, but it also makes us more focused. Listen to one of the previous episodes about gamification. I have a section in there that explains how gamification can improve the user experience of learning platforms. Furthermore, join the UX Globals Community on Facebook, and remember to always keep pushing! Have a good one!

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