UXD Chris

Hej, you are looking for a hypermotivated user experience designer? May I introduce myself. My name is Christopher Wittmann (alias UXD Chris). I’m a former UXD-student who decided to make UX the number one reason worldwide why a company succeeds or not. Therefore I founded my company UX Globals that creates user centered solutions itsself but also provides everything other UX Designers will need for their work. Hej då, Chris


From Web to Automotive

What I love about the career as a UX Designer is that you can work in so many different fields and you are not only limited to on business. Therefore I've tried out multiple different industries. The first one I entered was the Android world. The first project I ever made was a school grade calculator for Android phones as an application like that did not yet exist and someone had to implement it and so I did. After that I thought it would be beneficial to me if I had a website where I could promote my applications and so I developed my first, second and third own website - which became better over time but still were all horrible from today's perspective... Then it was time to stop delivering newspapers and start developing websites for clients. After developing some websites clients also needed some print media, so I startet providing designs for those, too. That means three of the main sectors of UX Design were already covered before I began my UX studies.One of the most interesting chapters began during my third semester of university when I entered the automotive business. The requirements and conditions for automotive human machine interfaces are so different from a website or native application. Therefore I learned a lot over almost three years.

Bachelor Thesis

In December 2019 I finished my Bachelor Thesis. It was an awesome experience because the topic I had chosen was creating an interaction concept with visually impaired people. Working together with the blind or visually impaired people was an experience I will never forget because I had no point of contact with blind persons before and it was very interesting to me to perceive how they face different challenges and how their live could be improved by automated vehicles. The main aim to the thesis was to create guidelines for future human machine interfaces for automated vehicles used by visually impaired people.

Lecturer High School

The year after I had left high school myself I wanted to give lessons myself because I felt like this is was I was meant to do. Passing experiences and knowledge on to others and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Over a total duration of more than two years I was allowed to work together with some students on one Android Application and a web project. The Android Application made it possible for students to watch the substitute plan of each day from home. After successful completing that project we were allowed to recreate the entire school website the next year.