UX design and household

The moment our household machinery is able to support us, and not only execute certain tasks, the user experience will increase significantly!

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Doing the laundry, emptying the dishwasher, cooking, hovering, cleaning the windows, and all other things related to the household can be rather dull. Let's find out if and how User Experience can increase our interest in these tasks! I'm your host, Chris, and this is the UX Globals Podcast!



Most of the time, the household tasks are not that much fun because we feel like we have to do them and do not have a choice. As UX designers, the moment we can increase the fun people have with those tools, our users will be more likely to enjoy doing the household. Today I came up with some of the ideas and want to present them to you.

The big concept I have behind this solution is that we have one unit in the heart of the house. It can be in the living room, in the kitchen, the entrance hall or wherever it suits your needs best. Once you have placed that interface, everything else in the house can be accessed with that device. Think of it as your real personal assistant that can interact with all other appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine, and hover bot. When you leave the house, you can simply tell him or her that everything needs to be tidied up once you return back home. Your assistant will tell your hover bots in all levels of your apartment to hover the floor, will start the dishwasher and washing machine if you have put enough items into them.

That, however, does not sound too futuristic so far, right? One more aspect that I want to include in the solution is that you have multiple speakers throughout the entire house. These speakers will play your music or the sound of the movie you have just started. That move or music video will then be shown on your user interfaces on all appliances you are currently using. Let's say our user prepares the dishwasher. Then the display attached to it will play the movie our user has chosen. Once he or she moves on to the washing machine, its interface will continue with the movie where it has stopped when our user has left the dishwasher and so on.

I am sure that user interfaces that move to the background and are not present have a better user experience than those we have to take care of throughout our entire day. Every system that matched into our daily life, makes it easier and does not require some additional time from us will make our life way better than it was before. Once the housing appliances move into the background and we can continue with our life while working with them, they will become more attractive to us, will improve our lives, and have, therefore, a better user experience!

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