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The UX Globals team is determined to make UX the number one reason why a company succeeds or not. Therefore all members create awesome solutions for our clients but even more important to us is that we make everyone aware of UX, educate people on the topic and provide powerful assets to all UX Designers of the planet. Our podcast delivers you news from the UX business and will provide interesting classes on UX-related topics. Each podcast will air in the morning (European time) so you will get a motivational ending in every episode. Hej då, your UX Globals team!

Future Episodes

Be prepared for our future podcast episodes.

Focus Group Discussions

One of the most used creative techniques are focus...

Apr 06, 2020

available soon

Web Development as a UX Designer?

Every UX designer needs to know how to implement w...

Apr 07, 2020

available soon

Fitt's Law

Paul Fitts developed the law that buttons need to ...

Apr 08, 2020

available soon


A step in every software developing process is to ...

Apr 09, 2020

available soon

Recent Episodes

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User Diaries for better understanding

To get a deep understanding of your users' long te...

Apr 05, 2020


Doing a Context Analysis

With a context analysis you will be able to find o...

Apr 04, 2020


Creating a Persona

Focusing on your users is essential for UX designe...

Apr 03, 2020


What is UX Design?

Most people have heard of UX before and have some ...

Apr 02, 2020


The UX Globals Podcast

This episode will be the introduction to the UX Gl...

Apr 01, 2020


Your Host

We are very proud to present you our host from the last and upcoming weeks.

UXD Chris

Hej, you are looking for a hypermotivated user exp...


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