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User Experience for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and managers. The UX Globals team is determined to make UX the number one reason why a company succeeds or not. It is important to us that we make everyone aware of UX, educate people on the topic, and provide powerful assets to all UX Designers on our planet. Our podcast delivers you news from the UX business and will provide interesting classes on UX-related topics. Your host in this show is UXD Chris the founder of the UX Globals brand. Hej då, your UX Globals team!

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When money gets in the way!

Often budgets stop UX designers from doing their w...

Aug 31, 2020


UX design and time

Time is the most valuable element, we have and the...

Jul 07, 2020


UX design and statistics

Every UX designer must be able to handle statistic...

Jul 06, 2020


UX design and grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is something everyone of us needs...

Jul 05, 2020


UX design and fear

It is natural that people fear different situation...

Jul 04, 2020


UX design and household

The moment our household machinery is able to supp...

Jul 03, 2020


UX design and sports

Our fitness can be influenced by the software, pro...

Jul 02, 2020


UX design and finances

Handling our finances can be a pain in the a**. On...

Jul 01, 2020


UX design and communication

The way we communicate with others is significantl...

Jun 30, 2020


UX design and education?

The user experience has a significant impact on th...

Jun 29, 2020


Your Host

We are very proud to present you our host from the last and upcoming weeks.

UXD Chris

Hej, you are looking for a hypermotivated user exp...


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