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The UX Globals team is determined to make UX the number one reason why a company succeeds or not. Therefore all members create awesome solutions for our clients but even more important to us is that we make everyone aware of UX, educate people on the topic and provide powerful assets to all UX Designers of the planet. This is part of why this UX podcast was started. Our podcast about UX delivers you news from the UX business and will provide interesting classes on UX-related topics. Each podcast will air in the morning (European time) so you will get a motivational ending in every episode. Hej då, your UX Globals team!

Recent Episodes

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Architects are UX Designers

Every architect can learn from UX designers and th...

May 28, 2020


Books and their reader experience.

You can also find User Experience in the shape of ...

May 27, 2020


User Experience in hotels?

The customer satisfaction of hotel guests has a lo...

May 26, 2020


Chefs are UX Designers?

Being a chef is very similar to being a UX designe...

May 25, 2020


Why UX designers work all day long?

The job of us, as a UX Designer, does not end when...

May 24, 2020


UX increases sales online!

A high user experience will increase your sales ra...

May 23, 2020


Stakeholders, Processes and Contexts

During the analysis or research phase the stakehol...

May 22, 2020


UX is omnipresent!

Every one of us perceives a user experience throug...

May 21, 2020


UX Globals Podcast turns 50!

UX explained by UXD Chris in 50 sentences!

May 20, 2020


Great UX is invisible!

As a UX designer almost no one will come to you an...

May 19, 2020


Your Host

We are very proud to present you our host from the last and upcoming weeks.

UXD Chris

Hej, you are looking for a hypermotivated user exp...


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